Larry Shor

Larry’s professional career began at Nordstrom, where he learned invaluable lessons in customer service and employee empowerment. Then it was on to Progressive Insurance Corporation as a data analyst and Rockwell Automation vendor management analyst. Larry began his career in the janitorial industry as a founding member of Janitor Jack in August of 2011. His education, experience, training, and people skills were all a perfect match to come aboard as Ameri-Serve's CEO in 2016. Ameri-Serve catered to the customer base Larry needed experience in, to round out carrying out any business model in the industry. His vision is to keep learning, maintain a diversified portfolio, and to become well regarded within the industry. He is an active member of the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA), and the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA).

In a relatively short tenure, Larry’s experiences in the industry have provided him with the knowledge to overcome any cleaning issue, labor management, and safety matter that may affect the janitorial industry. He served as the operations director for a regional FM company and managed over 5million SQFT and yearly revenues in excess of $7million. He possesses the initiative and creative imagination to disrupt the industry and his interpersonal management style has made Janitor Jack an organization that attracts the top management talent in the market.

Larry is engaged in a relentless pursuit of empowering his team with the leadership, opportunities, tools, and resources needed to pursue a life of hope, integrity, responsibility, and stability. Janitor Jack has a great purpose, mission, vision, and passion. Janitor Jack’s team has the training, technology, financial strength, and leadership. Larry’s mission is to leverage that to benefit his team, clients, and the community. He leads and engages his team in the creative process of developing, implementing, and equipping the organization to win.

Bradley Reep

Brad has spent well over 20 years in operations management, and personnel development, spending several years as a corporate trainer for a Fortune 100 Company. The last 13 years of his career, Brad has had the privilege of working with industry leaders in all forms and aspects of facility maintenance. He is very fluent in self-perform, subcontracting and franchising opportunity models. Relationship building from the bottom-up is where Brad is most comfortable. He has not only served as an area account manager, but also regional directing positions as well as a facility maintenance small business owner. He is highly in-tune with chemical knowledge, equipment knowledge, and bringing both of those together to get the job done correctly, and effectively the first time. Brad takes great pride in his ability to not only service his customers, but also being the backbone and support of his senior management team as well as the rest of the field, and administrative personnel.

Nina Cloud

Nina’s role is to support the organization is a lot of different days. She is very much a hybrid of a cheerleader for team JJ, social media and community liaison, executive assistant, team chef and a vegetarian whisperer. She also looks for ways to encourage and inspire others, both internally and outside the organization. She orders Uber eats for those late nights at the office, writes handmade notes, set up opportunities for the leadership team to volunteer in the community, attend meetings, put on events, and more.

"Freddy On the Spot"

Fred is an invaluable asset to Janitor Jack. He specializes in troubleshooting and recognizing opportunities to aid the field in periodical work, project management, inventory control and fulfillment as well as interfacing with our vendor partners. Fred is eager to hone his skills with proven techniques from a long pedigree of experience and expertise with all facets of facility maintenance. He brings the energy of youth and a skill set and wisdom beyond his years. Fred’s growth in his professional career has been a pleasure to watch. Fred aims to care for our customers in a fashion that is a rarity to find and an enthusiasm that is infectious.