Our daily, weekly and monthly cleaning packages include restroom sanitation, carpet and wood floor care, waste removal and recycling services. We utilize both green cleaning products and methods to eliminate mold, bacteria, allergens and environmental pollutants.

Floor Strip & Wax

To reduce damage from dirt, grit and spills, Janitor Jack crews vacuum carpets, mop tiles floors, and sweep and buff wood floors. We also recommend and provide periodic refinishing services to revive your wood floors from wear and tear like scuff marks, scratches and other traffic damages that make them appear drab.

Carpet Cleaning & Restoration

Aside from vacuuming, Janitor Jack comes to the rescue with stain treatment and removal, steam cleaning, repairs and hot water extraction to eliminate mold, bacteria and environmental pollutants building up deep inside your carpets. By caring for your carpet now, you can extend its colors and life.

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