White Glove Detail

It’s our special attention to the details that makes the difference between clean, and Janitor Jack clean. Our professionals take their time to ensure that easily missed corners, crevices, and dark areas are taken care of.

Restroom Sanitation

Janitor Jack’s relentless attack on restroom bacteria and odors includes disinfecting toilets, floors, sinks, tiles, mirrors and hardware with green cleaning products void of chemicals harmful to humans. Additional sanitation services cover replacing wastebasket bags, and refilling toilet paper holders, paper towel dispensers and soap pumps.

Upholstery/Partition & Cubicle Cleaning

Aside from unsightly scuffs and stains, your office’s cubicle walls, fabric partitions, and upholstery are collectors of dust and other airborne debris that create an unhealthy environment. After utilizing hot water extraction with non-toxic, biodegradable cleaners, we go the extra mile by wiping down furniture arms and legs.

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