When we are awarded contractual work, we always begin by visiting the building (or buildings) where service will be provided. Photos of deficiencies are cataloged and the plan of action is created to bring these deficiencies up to the customer’s brand standard. This helps us establish a baseline of cleanliness so employees understand the daily standard they must achieve. At this time we also determine the equipment needed for the location(s), and we set up the project team needed to bring the cleanliness up to standard.

Next, “Train the Trainer” is initiated so all staff is trained on all processes for the location(s). This begins with selecting the Account Supervisor and training him or her on the scope of work, chemicals, and equipment to be used on site.

Background checks are performed on all personnel who will be working on-site. Drug tests are also performed as required. Daily team meetings also begin at this point in the process and include procedural, safety and equipment training.

Once the equipment is delivered to the location, a final walk-through with our managers takes place before work begins. Management does a final review with staff on the scope of work, chemicals to be used, and equipment procedures. Management also walks through the location with the customer and JJ staff to outline the first night’s start-up cleaning and project work. Project teams may be brought in to bring the site up to the customer’s brand standard

After initial project work is completed, the start-up and project team turns the site over to the cleaning staff and management team. Here the daily workflow and accountability schedule is transitioned to the Operations Manager.