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Our Ohio based Cleaning Service Company has realized that the days when cleaning used to be a simple task is over! Today, one needs to meet industry standards, like ISSA and APPA. People normally pin cleaning as a simple and straightforward job, which can be done by anybody. That’s far from the truth.
Many factors go in to cleaning, such as the labour required, amount of hours needed, other resources, etc. No one can stand out of a building and tell you exactly how many hours it will take to clean the building, or what sort of labour might be needed. The industry standards have made life easy for professionals, however, thorough examination of the building is needed to reach actionable information, in any case.
If you are in need to ascertain the hours that will be required to complete a cleaning job, for a certain space, you must keep the following things in mind.

1. Taking Measurements
The first step is taking accurate measurements. The room type must also be taken in to consideration. When you know the exact square footage of the places that require cleaning, accurate estimation of required labour and hours can be done.
2. Cleaning Routine
As a variable, the frequency by which a place needs to be cleaned is of great importance. Certain areas in a building, like a restroom, require more cleaning attention. A restroom will require daily cleaning, whereas an office room may require weekly cleaning.
3. Shift Hours
While calculating shift hours, do consider the lunch breaks, leaves, etc. to manage the shifts efficiently. A labour personnel should be available, when cleaning is required.
4. Cleaning Tools
Some cleaning tools are rather large and may not fit in all spaces. Ask yourself this question; does the cleaning space have enough room for a scrubber? Similarly, are power ports accessible to clean all areas or manual/ cordless equipment is required? This is an important thing to consider, as it will affect the amount of time required for cleaning a specific area.
5. Waste Disposal
There are several ways to dispose of waste. Which one are you going to use? How much time will it require, considering the resources at hand? Keep your thinking hats on with this one, or your estimates will be way off. Make sure to choose a way to collect and dispose waste that compliments your available resources. If not, you will be needing more resources and more time, which adds up to raised costs.
6. Overlooked Tasks
While estimating the amount of time and labour needed for cleaning jobs, only a professional would care to take in to consideration the time it requires to involve in non-cleaning actions. These actions include, gaining access to clean water, travelling between two buildings, removing snow, etc. Don’t overlook these tasks or you will be way off in your calculation.

So, these are some tips that you can consider to calculate accurate amount of time and labour required for cleaning jobs, after applying it with industry standards. Always be prepared for the variables, this will make you the most successful professional in your field.

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