Janitorial Services in Cleveland Ohio

When starting janitorial services in Cleveland Ohio, Janitor Jack has a specific process to ensure that relationship gets off to a great start.

Janitorial Services in Cleveland OhioPrior to beginning the work, our team will visit your building that will be servicing to create a plan of action to ensure that the customer will be satisfied with our work. This initial visit will allow us to determine the staffing and equipment that will be needed. Once the staff is selected, the account supervisor is trained on the nuances of your location.

As we get set-up and ready to start at your location, there will be another review with a building visit to be sure that the staff is well versed in the procedures, scope of work and chemicals to be used. Prior to the actual project beginning, Janitor Jack may bring in a team to bring the site up to the standard.

Once the project is ready to begin, we will turn the project over to the on-site cleaning staff and management. Our operations manager will ensure that accountability is held for the staff involved in the project.

With our JJ process, the CLEAN system and our staff, we know we can meet your standards and develop a long-term relationship.

Janitor Jack provides janitorial services in Cleveland Ohio for over 50 locations in a 30-mile radius of Downtown Cleveland for over 2,000,000 square feet per night. For more information on

Janitor Jack and our services or to get a personalized quote to fit your budget, please contact us at 216.307.7007. You don’t know clean if you don’t know Jack!