Cleaning Services Beachwood

Cleaning Services Cleveland

Janitor Jack is a dependable Cleaning Services Beachwood company that keeps the client as the top priority. Larry Shor and his staff have never lost a customer due to service and are consistently ranked with a 91% approval rating.

The company offers both daytime and nighttime cleaning services as well as floor and window care along with detail cleaning. One of the cleaning services offered is daily, weekly and monthly janitorial cleaning packages.

During a janitorial cleaning, the Janitor Jack team will take care of restroom sanitation, carpet and wood floor care, waste removal and recycling services. The team uses state-of-the-art technology to be sure that your property will meet your expectations from the front lobby, conference rooms, break areas, etc.

On each of our cleaning services Beachwood projects, we use our JJ process which is driven by the five CLEAN principles. Those five are the ones that we think matter the most. The principles are committed, longevity, ethics, accountability and new technologies.

For each job, we put an emphasis on client and location messaging, problem reporting, inspections and scheduling and time tracking. We know that appearance is valuable to any business and we make sure that our clients have that clean first impression when you enter their building.

Janitor Jack provides cleaning services Cleveland for over 50 locations in a 15-mile radius of Beachwood, OH for over 2,000,000 square feet per night. For more information on Janitor Jack and our services or to get a personalized quote to fit your budget, please contact us at 216.307.7007. You don’t know clean if you don’t know Jack!