Cleaning Services Beachwood Ohio

If you need a peace of mind when looking for cleaning services Beachwood Ohio, Janitor Jack is ready to provide you with personal attention and the information needed to provide your customers with an excellent first impression – rather it is the first time or the 100th time that they are entering your building.

Cleaning Services Cleveland OhioWith our comprehensive janitorial and floor-care service model, Janitor Jack provides daily and nightly services. Currently, we provide cleaning services Beachwood Ohio for over two million square feet at over 50 locations around the Beachwood area.

We use an approach that has an emphasis on commitment, longevity, ethics, accountability and new technologies or as we call the CLEAN system. With a state-of-the-art program, our communication between our team and our clients is top notch.

As an example, our team has detailed instructions at their fingertips on what needs to be done at each location as well as can needed supplies at each location to ensure service is completed right every time.

With that attention to detail, we have never lost a customer due to service – and we certainly don’t intend to start that now. Our clients consistently give us a 91% approval rating and we strive each day to make that higher.

Janitor Jack provides cleaning services Beachwood Ohio for over 50 locations in a 15-mile radius of Beachwood Ohio area  for over 2,000,000 square feet per night. For more information on Janitor Jack and our services or to get a personalized quote to fit your budget, please contact us at 216.307.7007. You don’t know clean if you don’t know Jack!