Janitor Jack provides property managers and building owners with the personal attention and actionable information needed to control and provide their customers the very best first impression, every time they enter the building.

We are providing daily and nightly services in the Greater Cleveland area, over 2,000,000 square feet per night, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, in almost 50 locations spanning in a 30-mile radius from the Downtown Cleveland area.

Our solution is driven by CLEAN SERVICES

Janitor Jack's comprehensive janitorial and floor-care service model is driven by 5 components that we believe should matter most.

Is your Commercial Cleaning Service Delivering What They Promised?

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We manage our services through committed Account-Specific supervisors who are backed by Quality Assurance Area Managers in the field as well as a Director of Operations. Establishing and maintaining a location-specific relationship with client managers at all levels is key to our model's success. Our team visits all client locations for a quality assurance walk through with the expectations of once every two weeks, and a goal of once a week.


A customer’s trust is of high importance to us, and we relentlessly focus on our customer and where their business is heading. We engage with our key suppliers to solve problems and identify opportunities, we actively seek to understand broader trends, purposely engage younger generations in formulating policy and organizational development. Last but not least we focus on continuous improvement, by creating a culture of dissatisfaction with current performance, however good.


We deliver what we Promise, and we don't charge for what we don't deliver. With 50 years of service, our reputation defines who we are. We create value in our relationships by focusing on exemplary service delivery - NOT by increasing our margins at the expense of performance. We know the importance of trust when building strong partnerships, and we work hard every day to earn that trust.


Not only a willingness but a moral obligation to uphold the standards set forth by management who know the value of hard work, reliability, goals and holds themselves and their employees to this very mark with a vision to lead the industry.

New Technologies

Our management team continuously seeks applications that allow for rapid collection and submission of field data via smartphones and other means. We constantly re-evaluate platforms that make it easy for us to monitor the performance of individuals and teams to track the number of completed tasks and identify opportunities to improve upon our services.